I'm Brent Robertson

a Front End Web Developer located in Brea, CA

+ Freelance for hire.


About Me

Professional image of me.

Hmmm…where to start? I’m a dedicated dreamer from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve always had ambitions to create, probably because I have two insanely talented, creative, and artistic parents. That passion led me to Front End Web Development, since it bridges the gap between my creative and technical skills. What technical skills you ask…Oh…I forgot to mention that I’ve been a full-time Software Engineer since 2012.

When I’m not coding I thoroughly enjoy:

  1. watching anime (Luffy is my spirit animal)
  2. playing video games (PS4 now)
  3. any kind of brainteaser (2 + 2 = Golf)
  4. drawing (I’m starting to do comics)
  5. lists comprised of five facts




JavaScript Projects

This is a trivia game that I developed in JavaScript. The user answers questions (which all happen to be facts about me) until they reach the end of the quiz. Don't be shy, give it a try!

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This is a mini project that I completed to replicate the classic game of Hangman. This idea was incubated after attending a workshop sponsored by the Learn Teach Code organization.

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This website is being completed for the National Society of Black Engineers. Some content and images still need to be added for it to be complete. This site was completed in WordPress.

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This is the new landing page for an amazing non-profit organization. A partner and I are currently doing a refresh of their entire main webpage. They're helping Maryland residents SEE results.

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ReThree is an online tool, used to educate users on the three R’s: Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. This was the final project for my Front End Web Development course at General Assembly.

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Well this should look familiar. This is my portfolio project where I display some of my work, as well as tell you a little about myself. I also freelance, so if you like what you see then contact me below.

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Coming Soon!


Chewzer is a collaborative project that I'm working on with the talented Lindsay Boylan. This project recommends weekly meals based on your dietary restrictions and nutritional targets.

Contact Me

Drop me a note below if you would like me to work on a project...or just to chat!